There are many ways to seek treatment for back pain, but what about habits that cause it in the first place? Knowing about bad habits for your back might not help when symptoms become too much to bear, but they’re good to know in order to prevent these symptoms from occurring in the first place.

Below are five nasty habits that can cause back pain that you should avoid. If you’re already feeling pain in your back or neck, however, schedule a consultation with us at Better Backs in Parramatta.


Most of us probably get less exercise than we need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a pain-free back. Perhaps it was harsh lockdowns that prohibited us from leaving home for a time, but whatever the case may be, a lack of exercise can have all sorts of adverse health effects including back pain.

Try to get at least a little bit of healthy exercise every day. Pilates and other exercises that strengthen the core and abdominal muscles can certainly have excellent health benefits for your back and posture, but even a short and brisk walk in the evenings, a short jog, or a few laps of swimming at the recreation centre can all keep back pain at bay.


Following on the previous point, a lack of exercise can contribute to unwanted weight gain. Unhealthy eating habits and no efficient way of burning all those calories will inevitably lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that can affect your back. Too much weight can shift your body’s centre of gravity and put unnecessary strain on your back and spine.

Losing weight will take a lot of effort, but it’s well worth it for the numerous positive health effects. If you suspect you’re packing on a few kilos too many, consider calculating your BMI and finding out what your weight should be given the other parameters of the calculation. Then, try to maintain a body weight within the ‘healthy’ BMI range.


Many of us live quite a sedentary lifestyle, so if you’re sitting in the same position for work every day, make sure that your posture is correct.

Avoid slouching and try to keep your hips above your knees whilst sitting. If you work at a desk with a computer, as many now do, ensure that your mouse, keyboard, and monitor are all placed ergonomically to support good posture and take frequent breaks (try the Pomodoro technique!).


One of the most frequently thought of reasons for back pain (and it is quite common) comes from improperly lifting heavy or awkwardly shaped objects. Remember to always lift with your knees, not your back. This includes performing deadlifts and other such manoeuvres at the gym, as well as lifting objects at work.

Failure to lift properly can result in acute back injuries, but performing repeated lifting tasks can also lead to chronic back pain. Avoid these by lifting with your knees and/or asking for assistance.


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