Advanced Diagnostics

Back pain

Advanced Diagnostics

We now have an enhanced ability to pinpoint and analyse areas of abnormal spinal and nervous system function which cannot be see on X-Ray. Better still, these scans can detect areas of disturbance before the onset of any obvious symptoms! Your muscles are controlled by nerves. The sEMG measures how well these motor nerves are working by measuring their electrical activity. Subluxations of the spine disturb nerve function causing altered electrical activity of muscles.

We may also need to take an x-ray of your spine to fully understand your unique spinal structure. X-rays enable Chiropractors to rule out serious pathology, and study your case in order to decide upon the most effective course of care. Your x-rays will be shown to you and explained in detail, so that you will be fully informed about your care.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) testing is a simple and accurate test that uses complex mathematical calculations to analyse your body’s ability to deal with your everyday stress. The Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP) is research-grade equipment that allows us to quickly assess the effect that long term stress is having on the general state of a patient’s well-being


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