Back pain is quite common in Australia. Generally, people can suffer from two different types of back pain: chronic or acute. Injuries from sports or an accident, for example, can lead to acute back pain that may last months. Long-term back pain, or chronic back pain, generally can last eben longer. Diagnosing chronic back pain can be more challenging but it is no less important, and effective treatment can provide much-needed relief.

Why do people experience back pain? There are dozens of possible reasons, but some of the most common reasons are listed below:

01. Muscle Strain

One very common cause of acute back pain is from muscle or ligament strain. If you’ve lifted a heavy/bulky piece of furniture and feel pain shortly afterwards, it is possible it’s because you put too much strain on the muscles and ligaments around your back.

Quite often, effective treatment for acute back pain only involves the passage of time and some rest. Sometimes, the strain can be quite painful and treatment may be necessary. If in doubt, speak with your chiropractorl.


Arthritis is common as one ages, including arthritis in the back joints (osteoarthritis). Osteoarthritis often causes pain and discomfort in the lower back and along the spinal cord, since the spinal cord and the joints lining it become narrow (spinal stenosis).

Although osteoarthritis can be painful, it doesn’t need to disrupt your daily life. Seeking treatment can help to provide much-needed relief and to mitigate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


It is normal to have curvature to your spine, but how exactly it curves is what really matters. Abnormal curvature may be indicative of scoliosis, which may or may not cause pain. Scoliosis, when severe, manifests with a strong spinal curvature to the side and can lead to pain.

If you believe that your spine is curved abnormally, speak with a chiropractor and get proper treatment sooner rather than later.


A bulging or ruptured spinal disc can cause immediate (acute) back pain. The vertebrae along your spine are cushioned by discs, so it’s important that they remain intact . If ever your vertebral discs bulge or rupture, pressure can be placed on nerves along your spine and cause significant pain.

While the pain felt from bulged or ruptured discs can feel acute, the erosion of the disc material can also come from chronic back problems. A chiropractor can offer a diagnosis so that you can seek effective treatment.


Don’t let back pain ruin your day. Seek effective treatment and consult with us at Better Backs today.

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