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Low Back Pain

What is it?

Lower back pain is an extremely common condition with up to 80% of the population experiencing back pain at some time during the lives. Although the underlying pathology is usually not serious, the impact can be great. Lower back discomfort can result in time off work, reduced physical activity and have adverse impacts on your mental health. While most patients  will recover from this condition within 6 weeks, a small number will go on to develop chronic back pain and a gradual deterioration of functionality. If you’re reading this thinking “this is me”, the team at Better Backs – Better Living may be able to assist you.


Most causes of back pain are the result of irritation or poor function of the bones, joints, ligaments or muscles in your back. Such irritation can be the result of vertebral dysfunction, a common condition that occurs when the spinal vertebrae compress or irritate the delicate nerve structures of your lower back.

Other causes of lower back pain include inflammatory arthritis (e.g. ankylosis spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis), and fractures due to osteoporosis. Back pain may also be ‘referred’ from another location entirely!

Less common conditions causing low back pain include cancer (usually from another source such as the prostate or lung), serious infections and compression of the spinal cord.

Ultimately, many of our patients who present with this condition, are experiencing it as a result of poor posture or poor movement (such as lifting heavy objects with poor form). Regardless of the cause of your discomfort, we are here to help you.


Your Chiropractor here at Better Backs – Better Living will perform a detailed examination, taking into account your health history. They’ll assess your orthopaedic, neurological and spinal systems to determine the exact cause of your back discomfort. Other tests including x-rays and digital scanning may also be recommended. If it’s something not provided here at our Parramatta clinic, we’ll direct you to the right professional to organise these scans.


Chiropractic treatment focuses on restoring function to poorly moving spinal joints. Alongside this, we aim to reduce muscle tension and increase muscle strength. Ultimately, this results in improved movement, reduced pain and deceased nerve irritation.

Our treatments are tailored to your individual case. They usually consist of spinal and soft tissue mobilisation, core stabilisation advice (so you can continue your strength journey at home), strengthening exercises, stretching and heat/cold therapy.

Last but not least, if you’re experiencing lower back discomfort of any kind, please contact us to book your appointment today. We’ll conduct a comprehensive lower back consultation to help identify the exact cause of your back pain and begin a course of corrective care today!

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