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At Laser for Wellness we aim to reveal the underlying cause of your problem, whether it be migraines, tinnitus or any other of a number of conditions. Some studies into migraines reveal that they are caused by referred nerve pain that is often the result of a long-standing and chronic injury. For more than 15 years Medical Practitioners from various parts of Europe have applied a technology, called Low Intensity Laser Therapy, to successfully treat the inner ear of thousands of patients suffering from tinnitus. In this time there have been no adverse side effects.

Our procedure to help you quit smoking helps to naturally promote the release of endorphins which are natural chemicals in the body. It is believed that nicotine releases endorphins. When smoking stops, the sudden drop in endorphin levels can lead to withdrawal symptoms. As a result, the withdrawal symptoms often associated with quitting are either greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

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