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 “3 Steps to Pain Relief”

Frustrated by pain holding you back? Unable to do your everyday tasks like work, playing with your children or grandchildren, or just going for walks?

We have treated hundreds of people just like you, enabling them to get back what they love doing pain free. Our 3 step system will identify the problem and then fix it!

Step 1. Complete and Thorough Consultation and Examination

At BetterBacks BetterLiving we take the time and assess every client using all of our expertise. We perform a detailed history, orthopaedic, neurological and spinal examination to determine the exact cause of your pain. This enables us to accurately diagnose your injury and work out the best strategy to get you pain free.

Step 2. Detailed Results and Treatment plan

A full examination consisting of a computerised spinal scan, postural assessment, range of movement, muscle strength testing, spinal motion palpation, and a range of specialised orthopaedic tests. This enables us to determine where your problem is and what structures are involved (the problem is not always at the site of pain !) Following this, if indicated, you will be referred for a spinal x-ray. Spinal x-rays allow us to completely analyse your spinal characteristics, help us to rule out more serious conditions and assist us in the development of the most effective care plan for you.

You will receive a detailed explanation of the results obtained from your first visit including a full explanation of your spinal x-rays and computerised spinal scans. During this visit, you will be given ample opportunity to ask questions.

A program of care will be recommended specific to your goals of being pain free.

Step 3. We Use The Most Advanced and Up to Date Technique  

The technique we use  is the most up to date technique available. It was specifically designed for a ground breaking scientific research project. The technique itself is gentle and extremely low force. Using this technique we have helped many people with a wide variety of health problems without drugs or surgery.

We guarantee you will have a better understanding of your condition and the solution that is required to get you to where you want to be.


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